We are an independent boutique agency and the success of each project is our ultimate responsibility.

We are TECH marcom & PR geeks. We provide 360° marketing communication for technological, consumer electronics & automotive brands. Our core expertise involves handling everything from strategic planning to effective execution.

Whatever and wherever your audience may be, we know how to find them. That’s our game.

We have no limits or boundaries! We are working across Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Israel, but also the Baltics & Eastern Europe.

We are active, creative, driving, being fans of what we do – we are ContActive!


You are likely to be a technological B2B or B2C company, large or small, world renowned or in the early stages of growth.

You require a deep understanding of your tech solutions, a team of professionals ready to fall in love with your brand and to make others love it – you need communications that really work.

You are ready to conquer the market and to rock your success!


We can hit your target audience efficiently.

You will enjoy integrated communications support.


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