The WG Fest is Russia’s leading conference dedicated to combat simulations and wargames, and at this year’s event, the ContActive Tech Comms Geeks were allowed to contribute to Western Digital’s exhibit. Fans and clients were able to see the company’s leading SSDs in a working environment at the WD-sponsored event. 


The exhibition stand provided a number of activities for potential clients. Competitions were organised for players World of Tanks, along with quizzes, allowing visitors to win WD prizes. The machines in use were built for the specific purpose of showing off Western Digital’s newly available gaming SSDs including the Black NVMe and the Blue 3D NAND SATA. 


WD recruited high-profile online gamers Denis Beysovsky and Sergey Hobbit to play against the large numbers of customers visiting the booth. Presenting their products in this way enabled WD to demonstrate to gamers the performance of the new technology in purpose-built real-world scenarios.