At Igromir, Russia’s most prestigious computer and video game exhibition, ContActive were given the opportunity to demonstrate a new SSD from Western Digital, the high performance Black NVMe, to gamers.


In the WD booth, a number of demonstration models were set up, giving customers the opportunity to compete with high-profile twitch gamers from Russia, including TianKami and EviL GrannY, on games including Dead by Daylight and World of Tanks.

The demonstration also featured a setup in which eight Black NVMes were connected in a RAID array to the one-of-a-kind Zenith Mk II. The demonstration machines, which were designed exclusively for the Igromir exhibition, were custom built by TechBeard’s Russian technicians.

A popular feature of the WD booth was the introduction of a cosplay actor, wearing a costume modeled on WD’s creative team, who was in constant view of the cameras throughout. The costume, which had been specifically designed for the event, attracted a number of orders from customers in the USA and Europe.


• Multiple gaming sessions led by high-profile online gamers

• The cosplay actor

• Large numbers of clients crowding the booth