Support for Infor’s PR campaign, which is ongoing, has been supplied by ContActive; this support has helped to sustain the brand’s visibility throughout the local media channels and generate a positive consumer attitude toward the brand. Additionally, it has played a role in maintaining the brand’s footprint online and has secured significant engagement from the target market.


The project has been instrumental in raising awareness of the Infor product lines that are currently on sale in the Russian marketplace, ranging from their cutting-edge AI technology to their industry-leading CRM, ERP and EAM systems. Because the products available are applicable to a broad range of projects, the campaign has been able to engage with a substantial number of specialist businesses.


• Infor’s technological innovation has been emphasised across a wide target audience

• It has led to in excess of 200 relevant publications through market-specific media channels online

• Infor’s company blog has been launched

• There has been a sizeable increase in search traffic for the company, both organic and online